Coin Alive


3 thoughts on “Coin Alive”

  1. I like the name, as it conveys the nature of crypto-currency as it permeates human society. However, from the definitions you have at the top of this page the name is (at least on it’s face) somewhat of an oxymoron in that coins cannot be “alive”.

    Kudos for your creativity Jan, the name gets people thinking (hopefully)!

    1. True! 🙂 I noticed that too when I put these versions of definitions. I had photographed better definitions, so you have inspired me to find those and update them.

      I went through the dictionary when I was trying to come up with a name, and what struck me about the definitions for ‘coin’ is the definition referring to coming up with a new thing, versus a physical object. I had not put two and two together on that until reading it.

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